Photo of Prof. Craig (Chaim) Gotsman

Prof. Craig (Chaim) Gotsman

Hewlett-Packard Chair in Computer Engineering

Contact information
Office Hours:
No office hours
Research interests
Computer Graphics, Geometry Processing, Computational Geometry.
Selected publications

BEN-CHEN M., WEBER O. and GOTSMAN C., "Variational harmonic maps for space deformation". ACM Transactions on Graphics 28(3), (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 2009.

WEBER O., BEN-CHEN M. and GOTSMAN, C. "Complex barycentric coordinates with applications to image deformation". Computer Graphics Forum, 28(2):587-597, (Eurographics 2009 Best Paper Award), 2009.

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BEN-CHEN M., GOTSMAN C. and BUNIN G., Conformal flattening by curvature prescription and metric scaling". Computer Graphics Forum 27(2):449-458 (Eurographics 2008 Best Paper Award), 2008.

GORTLER S.J., GOTSMAN C. and THURSTON D., "Discrete one-forms on meshes and applications to 3D mesh parameterization". Computer Aided Geometric Design,
33(2):83-112, 2006.

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SURAZHSKY V. and GOTSMAN C., "Guaranteed intersection-free polygon morphing", Computers and Graphics, 25(1):67-75, 2001.

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