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Itai Dabran

Chief Engineer, Systems and Software Development Laboratory - SSDL

Contact information
Research interests
Intenet of Things, Architectures and protocols for computer networks, TCP, IP, Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Web Caching, The Internet of Things", Smart Home, Smart Cities.
Selected publications

DABRAN, I., and RAZ, D., "Routing Algorithms for Cognitive Networks", presented in the 2016 International Conference on the Science of Electrical Engineering (ICSEE), November 2016.

DABRAN, I., and PALNY.T., "A Robotic Mobile Hot Spot Relay (MHSR) for Disaster Areas", presented in the Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (SYSTOR 2016), June 2016.

DABRAN, I., and RAZ, D., "TCP Cooperation for Multimedia over Wireless Networks" Broadnets'2008, London.

DABRAN, I., and RAZ, D., "On the power of Cooperation in Multimedia Caching" MMNS'2006 Dublin.

DABRAN, I., and KLEIN, P., and RAZ, D., "Efficient handling of Multimedia Attachments" MMNS'2004 San Diego.

COHEN, R., and DABRAN, I., "The 'Last-Copy' Approach for Distributed Cache Pruning in a Cluster of HTTP Proxies PfHSN'2002 Berlin.

DABRAN, I., "Who needs Remote Access Solutions", Computer World, November 1996.

DABRAN, I., "Using ASCII printers with the AS/400 and Sys/3X", Computer World, August 1991.